Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Medicine for the Heart

Today, Tuesday, we opened the doors at 10 in the morning to a mass of people waiting to receive medical care. In preparation for this big day, yesterday 5 people on the medical team went out into a nearby community and distributed a ticket to any person who needed medical care.

The plan was to create stations to accomodate the volume of people and the various medical assessment tools they performed. Intake was at one station, height and weight at another, blood pressure, pulse and medical condition at the last. Some of the patients were able to be helped without seeing a doctor. Others waited to see a local certified physician onsite. By 2:30 all of the 45 patients had been assisted.

This was the first time that GCLA church had done a medical outreach and it was received well. We hope to see over 150 patients in three days. Pastor Ivo has a vision to reach the poorest of La Libertad with the love of Jesus in practical ways. Medical help offers that. Add the compassion of 17 gringos here to help and you have love and service that honors the Lord.

Not only were the physical needs met, but we prayed and talked to many about Christ. One young lady was prayed over for healing due to witnessing an uncle´s suicide that plagues her with anxiety attacks. We believe God will set her free from this trauma. She was in church on Sunday, and only accepted the Lord 3 months ago. Please pray for Anna and the other patients we will see in the next two days. God is moving!!!

The medicine that was given out will certainly the people who received it. However, the real medicine of the heart may be the love that is received not by word (since many of us do not know the language well enough to speak it) but by actions and service. Today´s word for the day is actually two similar words: dar, to give; and ayudar, to help. As we catch the eye of a child and give them a smile, a pat on the back, a coloring book, we are giving them love. The ironic thing about it is that we receive what we are giving...love. And that, my friends, is good medicine for the heart.

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