Friday, June 25, 2010

A History Lesson

Today we enjoyed a bit of history with our translators and hosts here in El Salvador. After putting in a full week of work, we headed off to Chalchuapa to visit the Mayan Pyramid. It was eerie to stand at the top of altars built for human sacrifices high above the ground. Thinking of the loss of life large enough for blood to fill the stone basins staggered our minds. It is almost incomprehensible.

After touring the museum rich in artifacts and information, it was off to San Salvador to shop in the local shops for some El Salvadorian treasures. If it wasn´t for help with translation, I am sure I would have still been trying to make a purchase. So much to choose from, so little time!

Tomorrow we will see the house we helped build, but not quite finish. The men from the church here, GCLA, will complete what we started. It is a partnership that will result in great results. That house will give a family from Pastor Ivo´s church a new start, a place to make their own family history.

Every day the father of two dug out earth, moved boulders and bags of cement (100 pounds in each bag on each shoulder), cut steel and painted with a group of men and women from team. They all laughed at Pastor Dan´s goofy straw hat, and used muscles they didn´t know they had. But what a sense of accomplishment! So many miracles have occured throughout this trip, all for God´s glory!!

Tonight our hosts have prepared a farewell dinner as we share one more evening with them. We will miss these friends who have served us and who we have served alongside all week. They are humble people who work so hard, who give so much, who ask so little for themselves. They embody Christ in the many ways they show their love, so selfless.

So today´s word is history, historia. Not only have created personal history in a country most of us had never visited, but we have been a part of history in this church. What intersections have happened here between the team, Pastor Ivo and his staff and helpers, the local people we shared life with have been significant. So significant that our lives have been changed.

We indeed have not only been a part of history, but also a part of His Story,
La historia de dios, written on the hearts of all of us. We can´t thank you enough for your prayers and continued support!! Adios, amigos. We´ll see you en ustados unidos soon. Dios te bendiga! (God bless you!)

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