Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calor....need I say more?

Calor. That is definitely the word for today. When our clothes stick to us, sweat is dripping off our brows, we consume more water than a herd of camels, and you don´t even have to move to get warm, it is calor...HOT! "Eso es caliente" is what my new friends tell me to write as I sit here with them at the computers.

It has been a productive day at the church. We saw a total of 180 patients over the last three days. Our nurses and the doctor worked well together for 14 hours and were pleased with the results. Pastor Ivo brought the vision of the medical clinic and he has ministered to these people in a practical way with our help. We have literally been the hands and feet of Jesus. It´s incredible to be used in this way. People will be healed of illnesses, have deformities corrected and spirits lifted.

It was very hot in the midst of this work, but the warmth we felt in our hearts as we gave love in the form of amoxicillin, tylenol, bandaids, toothpaste, wound care, physical therapy, blood pressure checks, weigh-ins (to name a few) was worth it. Oh yes, did I tell you there was also free water and food, stickers for the children, lollipops and candy, coloring book sessions and drawing captured by lots of photos. The children just love having their picture taken and seeing it on the digital display. Their eyes speak volumes of love; it just captures your heart.

Jesus is our Healer, and today, we helped. We can give water in His name, loving people who have so much in common with us though they live what seems like a world away. It will be hard to leave this place. We have already had to say good bye to one of our translators...not easy. The tears were calor, hot on our cheeks. But we know we will see them again...if not here, in eternity.

So, our official work is almost over and tomorrow we will visit the site of the home we are building with the new owner. It will shield him from hot, but it will not keep every hardship out of his life. I wonder if this trip was not so much about buildling a home as much as building up 17 "gringo" Americano hearts.

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