Sunday, June 20, 2010

God provides in El Salvador

¡Hola! We arrived safely to a soft rain in San Salvador, flying through a beautiful sky full of thunderclouds. The sunset was picture worthy, but not as amazing as the hospitality we have experienced since we landed. The two veterans of the trip, Don and Caylie, bolted toward Jose, Pastor Ivo Susanna and Evelyn greeting each other like family.

We took a two hour van ride through rivers of water on the winding roads with able drivers (thank you God). In the morning the tree across the road from where we are staying reminded us of God´s hand on us for protection and provision.

All luggage made it, though most of the contents were drenched by the downpours as our luggage came by way of the back of a pick up truck. We hung everything up, and went to bed to be greeted by the roaring waves of the ocean. The word for today, therefore< is...mojado which means...wet!

As we gathered for a protein rich breakfast of huevos (eggs), beans and bread we blessed God. Here we can give back as I have been given so much was one sentiment. There´s nothing like worshipping with the crash of waves in the background. We pray that God will use us today as we canvas the neighborhoods inviting people to church tonight. Thanks for your prayers!

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