Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Body of Christ

Nora said a profound statement as we sat in her mother´s living area in San Salvador today. It was this: ¨"Christians need to spend more time building each other up and not dividing the Body of Christ, the church."

We met Nora on the plane from Houston to El Salvador. She was returning to her home to visit with her mom who is dying of cancer. Karen, a member of our team, sat next to her on that flight and conversed about many things. She took the family phone number down and gave it to Pastor Ivo here at GCLA.

In a matter of days, the meeting we went to took place. We were so blessed to hear that Gladys, Nora´s mom, had 8 children. Each of them knew Jesus personally. A few of them are serving in ministry as pastors and missionaries. She beamed, though in some pain as she shared this with us. Nora graciously extended hospitality to us by serving fresh coconuts with straws coming out the top (by the way, coconut milk is very good and good for you!) We were humbled and enthralled by this encounter. (See my facebook page for a picture of this wonderful lady and her daughters.)

She sat in the 100 plus year old home, surrounded by very few extras, (essentials is what we call them in the US, like tv and gadgets.) She has lived through earthquake that destroyed even the massive pillars of the house she grew up in. But her spiritual house is strong, it´s solid. She shared that the tumor in her neck was not operable, but she still had her family and her Lord to see her through.

Such simple profound faith. She knew that the Body of Christ had connected us that day. We got to pray and hear our prayers in her language. WE got to build up a sister. She knows where she will spend eternity; she knows the same Jesus we do. She is the Body of Christ here in El Salvador, but she is also our sister in Christ. We will see her again, for when you are in the Body of Christ, adios is only temporary.

Oh, I didn´t want to forget...the word for today: vivir, which means live. So. go out and live like you are part of the body and make a difference in someone´s life and living.

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