Friday, June 18, 2010

Adventure of Loving in El Salvador

There are many opportunities to be a part of something larger than oneself in this lifetime, but often we opt out of the uncomfortable, unfamiliar to stay close to that which requires no stretching of ones resources, intellect or sense of adventure. This, my friends, is where 17 of us now find ourselves...ready to experience the time of our lives. El Salvador, here we come!

What we have in common is simple: we are a team of folks who love God and sense we are to make a difference on His behalf. We come from many backgrounds, have many talents, work different jobs, but we all love God. We have varied abilities, different dreams and fears, and various years of experience going on trips such as this one. We are men and women, teens and elders, but we all love God. Some of us are professionals, done with formal training, others not even out of school, but did I tell you…we all love God. We will work, sleep, eat, play, pray, read and learn together all for sharing the love of God. It’s our mission for the next week.

We covet your prayers and thank you for the support we felt as we were prayed over in the service on Sunday. We go representing you and Christ's Body known as Church of the Open Door. We go to honor the One who loves us and sends us. We go to love people….

So, as you join us on this adventure to El Salvador know that it is our mission to do one thing: LOVE. Love across borders, love through language differences, love because of the One who loved us all first. We will share His love this week. We hope you will check in with us to see and read about how our Adventure of Loving is going.

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  1. Mommy! That was great! I'll miss you with all of my heart! I'll be praying for you every day.... <3 love,
    ur daughter,